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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sooooo . . . .

Yeah. Highschool's been great. Independence, lunch, classes, friends, boys, marching band, clubs, awesome wardrobe, etc. It's . . . just hard to describe, from my perspective as a freshman. I'm not quite sure how to put it into words. Like, whenever an adult or friend of my parents asks me, "Oh, Kristen, how's school been?" I'm really unsure of what to say.

So far, in my World History class, we have this hee-UGE semester project. (Dang it my research guide is due next week . . .) It's not due until early January, but we're supposed to choose ANNNNNNYY topic out there (that there's enough information on) and, well, research it! Then along with that, an 8-10 page paper ON the researched topic, and a 3D model to represent it in one way or another. I chose to do mine on medieval criminals and forms of torture; kind of morbid, I know, but I was intrigued by it and really wanted to learn more!! Check out this site-- got some pretty, um, interesting methods of torture on there: http://castlesandmanorhouses.net/medievalwarfare/torture.htm

Along with band, I am currently training for my BLACK BELT with my dad!! It's SO exciting; we'll be testing in April. Just have to remain dedicated. As soon as band season is over, we're off to more classes than ever before. Even THINKING about it gets me pumped!!! :D And on November 19th, we'll also be competing in the Mid-Atlantic Tournament! SO STOKED.

Right now I'm on Fall Break; testing was last week. And quite honestly, I'm feeling pretty good about my GEOMETRY one . . . that's unheard of XD I'm pulling EXCELLENT grades in everything BUT that!! I'm barely hanging on to a B-! (sigh) Maybe it's because band has been taking over my life . . .

That was a nice segue to my next topic: Band season is officially over, which is both good and bad. Good because I have more time to focus on other things now, and bad because I'll miss everybody in the band. We worked so hard this year; 3 competitions, and all 1st and 2nd places! :D I'm excited for next year. I wonder what the next class of freshmen will bring . . .

Well, Happy Halloween, everybody! I'm signing off now; I think that's enough news. More next time ^ ^


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